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The evolution of "Tea Friends"

We started our journey back in 2000 like a traditional tea shop and evolved as Tea Friends in 2015 with our outlet in M.P. Nagar, Bhopal.

We will offer a full range of teas (hot and iced), as well as coffee, biscuits and tea accessories. 

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Yogesh Sahu

Founder and CEO

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Tea friends now has over 30+ flavours and over 3000+ daily visitors.


There are currently 20+ corporate clients, the website www.teafreinds.in. Receives many orders, and people enjoy the taste of tea. Tea friends uses environmentally friendly paper cups.

Creating a large community of Tea Lovers where they can empower each other, celebrate life as youth, and become lifelong friends while having Tea

Our Success Story

Tea Friends is located in the heart of Bhopal offering flavored tea, online tea orders, corporate delivery, and home delivery as some Tea Friends' basic services.

Tea Friends is a developing community for young aspiring entrepreneurs where young minds discuss ideas over flavored teas.

As we believe in entrepreneurship and assist anyone who purchases our tea by connecting them with relevant ecosystem stakeholders.

Also, do explore our TeaCoin, which is created by the Tea Friends Owners (Team) to help aspiring entrepreneurs by creating a unified payment mode.

With TeaCoin, you can pay in any F&B store and collect coins, which can then be redeemed for various services.

Dont be shy, have some chai!


Green Tea

A dietary supplement is used for improving mental alertness, relieving digestion and headaches, and promoting weight loss.

_masala chai

Masala Tea

Masala Chai is Indian spiced tea made with spices, water, and milk making tea a
strong brew, both in taste, aroma and flavors.


Rose Tea

Rose tea is made from fresh rose petals which is naturally caffeine-free, a good
source of hydration and rich in antioxidants.


Elaichai Chai

Elaichai chai or cardamom tea is prepared by boiling crushed cardamom seeds
in water, giving it a powerful essence.


Adrak Chai

Ginger tea is a lovely, lightly spicy drink for warming up on cold days. It's a light,
alcohol-free alternative to a night cap.


Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea is a blend of crushed Orange Pekoe Tea and Natural Cocoa, to give you an ultimate Chocolate experience naturally

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